TANNER 100th

Oregon's Springfield Church honored Frieda Tanner as its longest-living member and celebrated her milestone 100th birthday with flowers and comments.

Frieda Brunner was born Aug. 31, 1917, in Greeley, Colo. She grew up in Colorado and was baptised at the Boulder, Colo., camp meeting.

Lew and Frieda met at the Dale Carnegie School of effective speaking. They were married 65 years ago in 1952. They have two daughters, Carol and Jeanne (who is adopted).

Frieda received her nursing degree at Madison College, Tenn. Frieda and Lew continue to send felts and visual aids to missions around the world. Currently they send items to Africa and Cuba, some through Light Bearers Ministries in Jasper, Ore. Southern California was their home for many years, and they have been in Oregon for more than 30 years.

Frieda has been a vegan for many years. She and her husband have had many delicious Sabbath dinners at their home.

Daughter Jeanne Henriksen is an active member on the Springfield Church worship team. Daughter Carol lives in California. They also have grandchildren: Niel Henriksen of San Diego, Calif., and Lindsey Rodgers of Eugene, Ore., who is active in the Springfield Church as an organist and pianist. Their great-grandchildren include Sam Rodgers, 5, of Eugene; Elise Hendricksen, 8 years, and Lukas Hendricksen, 4, of San Diego, Calif.

Four generations of the Tanner family worship and serve at the Springfield Church: Lew and Frieda, Kent and Jeanne Henricksen, Steve and Lindsey Rodgers, and Samual Rodgers. What a great heritage to have and leave: a solid spiritual, social and familial foundation.

October 27, 2017