Gail Sampson celebrated her 100th birthday July 30, 2017, at her longtime home in Pullman, Wash. Though no longer able to attend church, she keeps up with what is going on, prays for church and community members, and stays engaged on church and community matters.

The Pullman Church opened its doors in 1997. Gail was instrumental in both getting the church started and keeping it going. Prior to this, she was active in outreach to the Pullman community, including student-led Adventist Christian Fellowship campus outreach and the Studio 7 vegetarian restaurant on the Washington State University campus.

She remembers well the old Adventist church building in Pullman, which closed down sometime in the mid-1970s. She was persistent in reminding the remaining Moscow Church members of the promise to build a church in Pullman. This came together in 1996 with the help of pastors John Mcghee and Ron Gladden (both full-time church planters at the time), the pastor of the Moscow Church, Ray Roth, and Doug Venn, a pastor and trained church planter. Pullman members thank God for Gail’s hard work, prayers and influence over the years.

August 24, 2017