Wenatchee Camp Meeting

Come to camp meeting in Wenatchee, Wash.

Northwest Motorcycle Camp Meeting

Come to the Northwest Motorcycle Camp Meeting.

Find more information at motorcyclecampmeeting.org.

Idaho Conference Camp Meeting

Scandalous Grace

Join Pastor Mike Tucker each evening and Sabbath morning as he explores the parables of Jesus. Discover the Scandalous Grace God wants to share with you. (English and Spanish)

Seminar speakers: Mike Tucker, Don Hall, Dick Hanson, Ramon Canals and Randy Maxwell

Musical Guest, The King’s Heralds, on Sabbath, June 13 at 3:30 p.m.

See facebook.com/idahocampmeeting or IdahoAdventist.org for more information.

Montana Conference Camp Meeting

Angels' Voices Today

Based on the study of the Three Angels' Messages

Guess speakers include:

  • Dan Jackson, North American Division president
  • Ken Denslow, North American Division assistant to the president

Seminar leaders are John McVay and Tim Roosenberg

Topics include:

  • Islam & Christianity
  • Three Angels' Messages
  • Ephesians-The Church: A User's Guide

For more information and to register, call 406-587-3101.

Sheridan Meadows Camp Meeting

The Northeast Washington SDA Churches present the 35th Annual Sheridan Meadows Camp Meeting with keynote speaker, Lincoln Steed of North American Division Religious Liberty. And special muscial guests Matt and Josie Minikus.

More information at campmeeting.webs.com. Or call 509-775-3019.

UCC Camp Meeting

Join us for an old-fashioned camp meeting under the big tent at Upper Columbia Academy. Bring your friends and family to this time of spiritual fellowship and renewal.

Get all the deatils and register for lodging at uccsda.org/campmeeting.

North Idaho Regional Camp Meeting

Come to the Northern Idaho Regional Camp Meeting where "He is Our Hope."

RV and tent spaces available. For additional information or to make your reservation, visit http://campmeeting.bfsda.org or call 208-267-0616.

Central Oregon Camp Meeting

The Resurrection

Central Oregon Camp Meeting in Christmas Valley, Ore., under the big tent.

Speakers include Steve Wolberg, Larren Cole, Ivy N. Harris.

Youth leaders include Sharon Gladden and Bonnie Cossey.

For more information, call 541-306-0384 or online at cosdacamp.com.

UCC Native American Camp Meeting

Join us for Upper Columbia Conference's Native American Camp Meeting.

Speakers include Curtis Church, Monte Church, and Hank McDougall.

Camping and RV spots available. Call All Nations Center at 509-877-0960.