Upper Columbia Conference Camp Meeting

The theme for this year's camp meeting at Upper Columbia Conference is "Together In Christ." The meetings will be held June 20–23, at Upper Columbia Academy, in Spangle, Wash. The featured speakers include John Freedman, John McVay and Teddy Shupe. Additionally, there will be workshops on a variety of topics. More information can be found at Upper Columbia Conference's website.

Motorcycle Camp Meeting

Motorcycle Camp Meeting, Gladstone Park campgrounds, Gladstone, Ore., Aug. 24–26.

Oregon Conference Camp Meeting

This year's Oregon Conference camp meeting, July 17–21, will be held at Gladstone Park campgrounds in Gladstone, Ore. The meetings feature speakers Dan Jackson, Ben Lundquist, Don Schneider, along with many other workshops and seminars. The theme this year is  "It's All About Jesus." Find more information and register for the event at the Oregon Conference camp meeting website.

Montana Conference Camp Meeting

Camp meeting in Montana this year features Philip Samaan. The meetings will be held at Mount Ellis Academy in Bozeman, Mont., June 13–16.

Idaho Conference Camp Meeting

Idaho Conference's camp meeting will be held at Gem State Academy, June 12–16, and titled "Keeping God Real!" The featured speaker is John Bradshaw. Additional speakers include Stan Hudson, Charles White, Bret Logan with musical guest, His Voice. The full schedule can be found at Idaho Conference's website.

Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting

Speakers will include Nathan Stearman, Charlie Meigs, Adrian Neacsu, Jim Jensen and Noel Wilton. Click for more information.