Astonishing Revelations in Bible Prophecy Seminar

COVID-19, protests in the cities, political and social divisions, attack on congress, racial tensions, conspiracy theories, natural and manmade disasters, fear and uncertainty. Where is God in this kind of world? Is there such a thing as truth? What insights does prophecy give us about what the future holds?

Beginning Friday, April 9 at 7 p.m., international speaker Jim Reinking, will be addressing these and other questions from a biblical perspective during the Astonishing Revelations in Bible Prophecy seminar. Admission is free.

Reinking's opening weekend subjects will be:

  • Friday, The Present World Order and Impending Future
  • Saturday, The Global Struggle between Good and Evil
  • Sunday, Revelation’s Cosmic Warrior

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, certified counselor, author and host of the TV program, A Multitude of Counselors, will be speaking during our Health and Wellness emphasis the opening weekend on Depression, Anxiety and Fear.

You and your family are invited to join us for this inspirational seminar. Bibles will be provided and there will be an excellent children’s program for ages 4–9 and nursery services for babies 3 months–3 years old.