North Idaho Regional Camp Meeting

The North Idaho Regional Camp Meeting will be held in Sandpoint, Idaho.

This year's theme is “Faithful Families in the Final Days.” All the seminars and speakers will be focused on supporting families in their love for Jesus by providing practical instruction in living our lives based on biblical truth as well as providing time for parents and children to create memories by keeping all afternoons free for fun activities.

The main speakers will be Dr. Eric Walsh, Pastor Jamey Houghton and Maureen O’Kane. Also there will be special seminars for youth, parenting, marriage, natural remedies, and biblical money management, led by Gordon McGhee, Cinda Osterman, Merlin and Cheryl Knowles, Magda Ciocazan, and Celeste Issa respectively.

Camping and RV sites available. More information at

"We hope you will join us as we seek to turn the hearts of Fathers to their Children and Children to their Fathers as we prepare for Jesus’s soon coming.”